What questions are answered on this page?

What is Inductive Bible study?
It is using the Bible as the primary source of study to discover for oneself what God says in His Word.

Inductive Bible study has 3 components: Observation, Interpretation and Application.

Observation: What does the text say?
Interpretation: What is the meaning of the text?
Application: How does the meaning of the text apply to me?
Each component has several tools to achieve it’s purpose. 

How do your Bible studies work?
They are inductive Bible studies that allow you to discover Truth for yourself and grow in your walk with God by using these three skills: Observation, Interpretation, Application

What do you mean by inductive?
What we mean by inductive is that the Bible is the primary source of information about God.

Where do I start?
As all our studies are inductive. Therefore the main question is: “How much time do you have?”

For all studies see below: What Bible study should I use? What’s the best match for me? What time commitment do I need to do your studies?or click on any type under “Bible studies” to download the first lesson

  • little time: 40Minute study
  • 20minutes a day: NISS or Lord series
  • 1 hour a day: PUP studies (5 hours work per lesson)
  • a child: D4Y series – parents profit a lot from studying with their children as these studies are meaty.
  • Teenagers and adults can use any type.

How long are the studies for?
40 Minute Studies: 6 lesson of 40 minutes
D4Y (children’s studies): 4-9 weeks
NISS: Usually 13 weeks
Lord studies: 4-14 weeks
PUP, In & Out: 2-19 weeks
For the exact length of an individual book check the title under “Bible Studies”

Do you have downloadable catalogues of your studies with length and price?

Do you have studies in Chinese in stock?

Can I get some free studies?
Yes you can here, or download the first lesson of any of our books in our Shop which display the “LOOK INSIDE” icon.

Does Precept belong to a church?
No. We are an interdenominational ministry, not a church. We come alongside churches to help them in their task of making disciples.

How can I support Precept Ministries New Zealand?

What Bible study should I use? What’s the best match for me? What time commitment do I need to do your studies?

Find 40 Minute studies here

40 Minute Studies

No homework, 6-week studies
Easy introduction to inductive study
Great for small groups
Unique format includes Scripture alongside the text

Find the NISStudies here


Get the “big picture” in these concise, yet rich studies
Find God’s Truth for each book of the Bible in a survey format
Easy-to-follow format
1-3 hours of homework per week

Find the Lord Series here

Lord Studies

Topical inductive Bible studies that apply God’s Truth right where you need it.
Encouraging and enriching messages that can transform your life
Companion lectures on CD and DVD for most studies
1-3 hours of homework per week

Find the D4Y studies here

Children’s Studies

A great way to introduce inductive Bible study to kids
Challenging, creative and fun studies for all children old enough to read
2-3 hours of homework per week

Find the I&O studies here

In & Out Studies

Streamlined Precept Upon Precept Studies
Parallels Precept Upon Precept content
Companion lecture CDs and DVDs available. Some in New Zealand
1-3 hours of homework per week

Find the PUP studies here

Precept Upon Precept Studies

In-depth inductive study
Easy-to-follow daily format
Companion lecture CDs and DVDs available. Some in New Zealand
Training required for leaders
5 hours homework per week

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