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Some of your stories

David Jensen, Senior Pastor Richmond Baptist Church: When I was 18 (30 years ago!) I went through a PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT (PUP) study and it changed my life.
The knowledge I learned through doing PUP—about how to study the Bible—has been foundational in my study of the Scripture since.
For me personally, this was far more helpful than anything I learned at Theological college.

Teenage girl:  I got convicted to facilitate 40 Minute studies with my peers. After  getting trained in term 1, we invited more girls for term 2 and I facilitated “How to Make Choices You Won’t Regret”. In term 3 and 4 all the girls shared the responsibility of facilitating. Then we decided to invite more girls for next year.

Precept is the most fruitful Bible group I have ever had the pleasure of being in, and that is all due to GOD’S WORD being the centre of it.

Precept Bible Studies teach me to think!

A prisoner: I realised what impact my drinking habit has on my family. I want to make up for lost time.

A female prisoner: Because you came into prison and showed us how to slow down and understand what we are reading in the Scriptures, I am now reading the Bible with great interest.