As Silver Refined

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As Silver Refined
Will life’s disappointments destroy you—or make you stronger? 
Everyone faces disappointments, trials, and struggles.  How do you respond when your husband tramples your emotions?  When your boss fires you unexpectedly?  When you lose your life’s savings?  Or when the child you’ve loved and prayed for faithfully turns his back on you and your values.  When disappointments like these smash their way into our lives, we often want to scream: “How could God let this happen?” 
But what if God didn’t just “let it happen?” What if the things we call disappointments are really His appointments—events that God is using in our lives to make us more like Christ?  What if, like a refiner, He is using our disappointments like flames to melt and burn away the undesirable elements in our lives, leaving us purer and more radiant—like refined silver?  We can be defeated by life’s unavoidable disappointments, or we can become stronger because of them.  Kay Arthur examines the dangerous downward spiral of disappointment that can lead to discouragement, dejection, despair, and demoralization.  Readers will learn how to break that cycle and embrace disappointment with faith—a faith that recognizes the trials of life as tools that God uses to make us, as silver refined, more beautiful and valuable. 
Includes a 13 week companion Bible study!

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