Becoming God’s Champion – 2 Timothy

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Becoming God’s Champion – 2 Timothy  |  D4Y (Children’s Study)
Go For The Gold! 
Join Max, Molly, Sam, and the rest of Team USA at a sports camp of summer games!  As you train for each event and compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals, you’ll discover the life-changing encouragement and instruction that the apostle Paul wrote to his young friend, Timothy.  You will also find out: 
‣how you can be a true champion for God 
‣how you can pass the Gospel on to others, just like a baton in a relay race 
‣how you can press on in tough times and finish strong to win the race 
God has provided everything you need to become His champion.  You can win the gold for God!
Inductive Bible Studies for Kids
Kids find out for themselves what the Bible is all about, and do it in exciting ways!  The best inductive studies for kids, these hands-on books help teach the basic skills of Inductive Bible study for a lifetime of discovering God’s Word.
All titles include:
‣ A complete book or topical study for kids using inductive study
‣ Scripture text
‣ Daily study format plus games and activities
‣ Teacher guides include guided instruction for each daily lesson.

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