Jesus: Listen to His Voice

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Jesus: Listen to His Voice  |  40 Minute Study
Jesus spoke words of life and truth.  How well are you listening?  – A Study of Mark 7 -13 – by Kay Arthur and David Arthur 
True listening isn’t simply hearing the words of Jesus; it involves belief that results in active commitment.  Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus interacted with people from all walks of life.  In every case, those individuals could choose to believe His words and reap the rewards of faith—or resist the truth and miss out on everything that truly matters. 
This same choice is yours today.  In this second book in a three-part study of the Gospel of Mark, you can read for yourself the words of Jesus in Mark 7—13.  If you then align yourself with the One who is Truth, you’ll experience for yourself the freedom that comes from truly listening for and following the voice of the Savior.
40 Minute Bible Studies
These revolutionary, no-homework, 6-week studies are an easy introduction to inductive study.  They have proven great for small groups and have a unique format that includes Scripture alongside the text.  Zoom in on the issues you care about and learn to think about them as God does.  These focused, self-contained studies guide you into God’s Word one topic at a time, 6 weeks at a time, with no homework.  Learn to think biblically and discover what God has to say about your real-life questions.  These softcover workbooks include Scripture alongside instructions, questions and informative insights to aid your inductive study experience.

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