Jesus, Who are You?

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Jesus, Who Are You? Names of Jesus

by Janna Arndt, Kay Arthur

A Beginner Inductive Bible Study on the Names of Jesus

The Beginner Inductive Bible Study series offers inductive Bible studies designed to help young children develop important skills related to colors, shapes, positional concepts, reading, mathematics, readiness, and dexterity . . . all while learning how to study God’s Word. As kids answer WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW questions, they will uncover what the Bible says and expand their thinking and reasoning skills. For beginning readers ages 4-7.

Jesus is the most special person WHO ever lived. And when we discover WHO He is, WHAT He did for us, and WHY He did it, we’ll want to get to know Him better.

HOW do we learn about Jesus and His many names? God gave us a special book called the Bible WHERE we can read all about Jesus, the awesome things He did for us, and HOW His different names help tell us WHO He is.

Also, look forĀ Who Created It?, a Beginner Inductive Bible Study on Genesis 1.

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