Lord, Heal My Hurts

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Lord, Heal My Hurts  |  Lord Study
A Devotional Study on God’s Care and Deliverance 
No Matter How Deep the Wounds, God Can Heal Your Hurts. 
Everyone hurts.  The pain runs deep, the scars never seem to fade, and the memories torment us.  As a result, our growth is stunted, our walk crippled, our relationships infected.  Will relief never come?  Yes — when you put yourself in the hands of Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals!  No matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, He wants to be your refuge.  He loves you.  And He offers healing for your deepest wounds.  Discover how God can turn your sorrow into joy in Lord, Heal My Hurts. 
Let Kay Arthur guide you through the Scriptures so you can be set free from past hurts by the power of God.  This powerful, insightful study will minister to you in deeply restorative ways.  And these are truths you will want to share with others.
Discover God’s Answers to Your Most Heartfelt Needs
Topical Bible studies straight from Kay’s heart to yours.  Dig into the Word and let God meet your needs.  Personal, heart-to-heart approach backed up with solid biblical teaching.  Easy-to-follow, day-by-day study format perfect for small group and discipleship settings.  Optional CD and DVD lectures available.
All titles include:
‣ A complete topical study using inductive study text
‣ Scripture text
‣ Daily study format
‣ Memory verses and group discussion questions
‣ Optional CD and DVD lectures available.

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