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May, 2018

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Apr, 2018

New groups starting in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ or

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Feb, 2018

Join us at an event with Mia, Costel and Vasile

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Establishing People in God's Word

Precept News Letter

Aug, 2014

What they said …


Lorenz' group in Manurewa studied “Turning Your Heart Toward God”.

  • “This is a practical, easy Bible study. It is fully Bible based. I have enjoyed the practical exercises of marking the important words, this helped me to remember what I (we) have studied. Another positive point being the challenge that each week I was left with. Each challenge leading me to search my everyday walk with God, and I have begun some changes in my actions and reactions in different situations. This material is well worth to study.”
  • “The practical lessons apply well to my life. It challenged me to walk with Christ.”
  • Another Bible study leader from the same church came and said: “I'd like 10 studies of the same title. Lorenz' group liked it!” :-)


A Home School mother:

“My friend got “Becoming God's Champion”* as a gift at HEART and she didn't have a child that it suited so she gave it to me. :-)
My 11 year old son is doing it and LOVING it! He has been doing it all day and night and even wanted to take it in to the shopping mall today!!”
*a kids study in 2 Timothy D4Y


Men at prison:

“I long for a better life!”

“I learned three things from King David:
1. Be where you are supposed to be
2. Even when you know the Law you can still sin.
3. Gross sin can be forgiven if we are sincere in remorse.”

"Originally I joined the meetings to get the certificate, but then I started to see very interesting things, and I wanted to carry on."


A young man from Carolyne's group:

“Although I haven't encountered any personal problems or attitudes with forgiveness of others, it was insightful and applicable in changing my own perspective with dealing with people close to me, especially with my parents.
The book went at a good pace, and I appreciated the book's exercises of circling and underlining certain aspects as it really made me re-think how I should read the Scriptures. It made me consider Bible passages at a deeper level, which was helpful for discussion for everyone.
The 40 Minute studies are really great and helpful. - I really appreciate the practical aspect linking to Scripture, which is the most important and relevant part for me (seeing where it came from in the Bible, to see certain things or actions being commanded etc)
The Precept book was easy to use, and yes without any homework and also with no compromise to the Scriptures.
Looking forward to study another book from the series.”


Pray for …

  • the 3 ladies trained to lead the 40 Minute studies inside prison:
  1. smooth application process
  2. a successful phase of adjustment inside
  3. that they experience soon first hand how successful the 40M studies are
  4. then that they use the 40M studies on the outside with whomever the Lord provides in their sphere of influence
  • people to contact us to join, start their own classes, study inductively or train to lead
  • continued, permanent fruit from establishing people in God's Word
  • more invitations to introduce Precept to groups / churches etc


Thank the Lord for …

  • continued unity through focusing on the Lord and His Word
  • all support in every way: prayer, finances, talents and time
  • strengthening the bond between the facilitators in prison and those who are training to be facilitators
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