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May, 2018

Join a Precept Bible study in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ

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Apr, 2018

New groups starting in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ or

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Feb, 2018

Join us at an event with Mia, Costel and Vasile

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Always giving thanks to God ... for everything

Ephesians 5:20


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Establishing People in God's Word

Precept News Letter

Sep, 2014

Bible study with 7 young Koreans

Seven delightful young Koreans studied “Having a Real Relationship with God”. Here is what they had to say:

  • I didn't have enough time to read my Bible in Korea. Also the Korean translation is difficult to understand.
  • Even though this Bible study is very basic, I learned at lot: New words like reconciliation, justification, and iniquity, their definitions and a detailed understanding of the gospel.
  • My father is a pastor of a poor church. I did not learn much there. Now I know the basics deeper, precisely and strongly. I had an empty mind, now it is full.
  • I did not expect very much from this course, but others recommended it highly. I was born into a Christian family and took my Christianity for granted, but now I realise that God reconciled me to Him while I was yet a sinner. I am justified by Him.
  • I can understand the gospel in my heart now, not just my brain.
  • Before I listened to the pastor and rarely read the Bible.
  • I wanted to attend! The gospel was confirmed and I can share it now confidently! I am part of a church in Korea that has no young people. I want to teach the young people the Bible in Korean. I am also praying for my friend in Korea with whom I have never shared the gospel so far.

How is your Bible study progressing? Would you share with us like these Koreans have? I look forward to hearing from you!



When I went into a remand* unit at prison I recognised a lady who had previously been inside for beating up over 50 men. Two years previously she had forgiven those who had originally offended her and had been released. I was surprised that she was back!
I asked her how her walk with Jesus was going. She said: “I got out and stayed off the drink for 2 weeks. That is the time frame I expected to stay off it. Then I was invited to a birthday party and was offered some alcohol. I smelt it … and asked for coffee. I have not touched alcohol since. I've not gotten angry either, nor beaten up men. I actually feel sorry for them now and tell them to get their act together.
Every day, I read "The Word for Today" (for adults) to my grandchildren (6 of them aged between 1-3 years). They love it and when they come they point to the shelf and ask me to take the booklet and read to them. They love being with me. :-)"
Since then she has joined Bible studies again and has a children's Bible to take home. :-)

* a holding unit prior to appearance in court where the offender may be found guilty or not guilty.

A feedback:

Where do you start
when your life is falling apart

Forgiveness and faith
is what brought a smile to my face

The reason that I'm living with God today
there simply isn't a better way

By giving me choice
God gave me a voice
and with that voice
I made my choice

To love and forgive
in order to live
God gave me reason
reason to live


Pray for …

  • more invitations to introduce Precept to groups and churches
  • people to contact us to join, start their own classes, study inductively or train to lead
  • those who have studies – that they will study them regularly – including the home school mothers
  • continued, permanent fruit from establishing people in God's Word


Thank the Lord for …

  • faithful facilitators, hungry students, great Bible studies
  • His provision in every way: prayer, finances, talents and time
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