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May, 2018

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New groups starting in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ or

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Feb, 2018

Join us at an event with Mia, Costel and Vasile

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Establishing People in God's Word

Precept News Letter

Apr, 2015

“You have no idea how powerful this book is!” the female prisoner, a Bible in her hand, declared to one of our facilitators early in 2011.


That was the day that she joined the Precept Bible study at the women's prison in Wiri. The succeeding four years have seen momentous changes in Doris's life, an amazing testimony to the power of her precious book.


Shortly after her conversion, Doris was released on bail. Realizing how much she needed ongoing Christian support and Bible study in order to survive in an environment characterized by gangs, drugs and crime, she contacted the chaplain and asked to be put back in touch with her former Precept facilitator, Christine. And so the local library became host to weekly 40-minute studies which Christine and I led with Doris and her daughter-in-law.


Progressively, the power of the word saw forgiveness and reconciliation transform the lives of our eager students. The effect on the immediate family was radical, and initially met with quite some resistance. But the love of Christ had conquered Doris's heart, and in that haven she took refuge when the battle raged so fiercely that she wondered whether she could hold out any longer. And the Lord has rewarded her grace for grace, just as He has promised. Despite the darkness all around, her home has become a safe haven for her grand-children. Her partner no longer regards “P” as his god but accompanies her to church and has Bible studies with a Christian brother. Old acquaintances want to know how such a change came about in her life. “The Lord is powerful!” she tells them. "You need Jesus in your life!"


Initially Doris had found it very hard to feel at home in the church community. The Lord had changed her heart, but the tattoos remained, and her dress reflected their lack of financial resources. Many church-goers simply turned their backs on her. Doris began to pray for opportunities to tell people in churches how difficult it was for those like her to join the Christian community. The Lord has begun answering that prayer. Let me share with you what Christine wrote regarding Doris's first opportunity to share with such an audience:


“Last month Doris and I were invited to Wellington to speak at a ladies' get-together there. I knew this was a hurdle only the Lord could get Doris over. And He did - magnificently. Doris was SO nervous - if it wasn't for the fact she felt she must do it for the Lord, she'd never have gone. She talked about her former life, her conversion and what it was like trying to maintain her Christian walk when she was released from prison and returned to the gang environment. She emphasized the absolute necessity of Christian support and the difficulty of someone who "looked like a gangster" being accepted by church-goers. Some of the ladies were in tears. After the talk she was surrounded by interested, supportive ladies, several confessing that her talk had convicted them of their personal need to do so much better.


On the way home she was almost lost for words. She had never dreamed that she could possibly be received with such warm acceptance and understanding. It was a real milestone in her life and I believe the beginning of a fresh confidence in stepping out to do what she can for the Master.”

"This is the Lord’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118:23”


The blessings don't stop here! They came home with a generous gift to be used to supply more Bible studies on the inside.



And so we ask you to pray for:


  • Doris and her whanau
  • students inside and outside prison
  • godly people in churches to welcome their brothers and sisters who were inside
  • our current facilitators
  • finances to keep the 95 prisoners/week fed in God's Word and the office running
  • new people to get training to lead Precept Bible studies so more people can be established in His Word.
  • 20 new facilitators in Auckland, Christchurch and Northland and anywhere else in-between (for in and outside prison). Ask for our information pack
  • People to partner with us in prayer and to support us financially.


Chinese Bible study

We are looking for a person to sponsor a group of 20 young Chinese students with the 40 Minute studies called "Having a Real Relationship with God". $200.


Enrol in the 40 Minute study workshop in Manukau, Saturday, 23 May 15, 9am - 5pm.

Cost: $45 pp, training materials included.


Suitable for those who want to

  • discover what God says and how it applies to your life today
  • study with others or for personal growth
  • learn to facilitate an easy inductive Bible study that take little time to prepare


Check out our fabulous resources.


Kay Arthur speaking in Asia

  • 20-22 August 15 Singapore
  • 27-29 August 15 Hong Kong


While I attend the Precept leaders conference from 24 April 15 in the States, I have intermittent email access until I am back on 12 May 15.

Excited to partner with you in establishing more people in His word!
In Him,
Barbara Kipfer
National coordinator


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