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May, 2018

Join a Precept Bible study in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ

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Apr, 2018

New groups starting in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ or

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Feb, 2018

Join us at an event with Mia, Costel and Vasile

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Establishing People in God's Word

Precept News Letter

Apr, 2013

  • I didn't know that gazing at women, fantasising about sexual acts with someone or dreaming about adulterous affairs is a sin. But now I know … “How Can a man Control His Thoughts, Desires and Passions” teaches me that when evil thoughts are in my mind, all I need to do is to submit to God, resist the devil and draw near to God.”
  • “This book will be close to me for the rest of my life … as I sleep it is close to me because I refer to it 3-4 times daily. Please pray for me that I can control my thoughts, desires and passions.”
  • “Before going through this book I thought it was ok to look and think about women. It's a totally different story what the world says about it. I always thought thinking about it was not as bad just as long as you don't act on it. The temptation is great, so powerful that it ruins a lot of lives. We must ... make a covenant with our eyes and resist the work of the devil.”
  • Taking part in the 6-week course has been more helpful than I expected.
  • I pray that we have more godly programmes like this.
  • When I first stared, I did not think that it was possible to have a real relationship with God.
  • This Bible study has taught me how to believe and how to put my trust into the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have opened my heart to God and asked Him into my life.

Isn't such honesty and repentance most refreshing?

May these prisoners – and all of New Zealand - experience what the people in Nineveh in Jonah's time did: “When God saw … how they turned from their evil ways, He had compassion and did not bring upon them the destruction He had threatened.” Jonah 3:10


What would happen if each one of us studied inductively with just one other person? Don't you think God would have compassion on us and our land?


There are so many opportunities right now within Precept New Zealand that we need the help of  people with a biblical world view. One of our ex-prisoners asked: “Can you come to my house and lead Bible studies one night a week? My son wants to be part too and my partner might join as well.”


“Breaking Free from Fear” is the title of one of our brand-new studies (my apologies for giving you an incorrect title for the study in February letter). Is that what you and I need in these times? Join me in the journey of changing one life at the time, using our God-given gifts to serve Him to bring about deep change in people's lives. You could help with the administration in the office, pray, facilitate a study, get trained, make our website better … if you would like to volunteer let us find out together how HE will make it possible.


May you enjoy a wonderful Easter! May you know that your old self died with Him and that you have become a brand-new creature in Christ, able to walk in newness of life.

In Him,

Barbara Kipfer
National Coordinator for Precept Ministries New Zealand


Pray for:

  • The 3 prisoners released that they would go to church and continue to grow in the knowledge of and obedience to Christ.
  • New leaders to be added to our team and for new classes to begin all over New Zealand
  • Key people to get in contact with us, to be trained and to lead others out of their apathy
  • People to join Precept classes: PUP and email classes, church groups, home groups, prison groups
  • More facilitators to lead studies with prisoners and ex-prisoners
  • The students and leaders of 3 different youth groups studying 40 Minute studies, and 1 church studying PUP Philippians.

Thank the Lord for:

  • Providing far beyond my imagination: spiritually, financially, support, people, friendships in Him
  • The two effective volunteers in administration

PS: We are financially self-supporting.
Expenses (book handling, mail out, advertising, administration costs, purchase of books etc) are fully paid from our income (book sales and donations).

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