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Establishing People in God's Word

Precept News Letter

Jun, 2013

God's Ways are not our ways

I have the joy of introducing you to the Ashburton Monday Night Mens' Group who have been working through "The Essentials of Effective Prayer" on a fortnightly basis. Numbers attending have been up to 12 and there has been a fair degree of enthusiasm.

Here is what their facilitator has shared:
"The most rewarding aspect of the study has been in the prayer time, always very reflective, which follows each session. The men have been able to put into practice what they have been learning from the Scriptures, and a new understanding of the importance of the various elements of prayer is evident in the way that we pray together.”

Let me give you the background from the Precept viewpoint on how this group came to study prayer.

Back in 2007 when I was conducting a workshop at their church one of the men was interested in going into prison to lead Bible studies, but he had time constraints. His desire was postponed until November 2012 when I was back visiting again. This time the pastor decided to schedule a training workshop for the 40Minute studies for February. Consequently eight people were trained.

Even though leading Bible studies at prison was the catalyst, none of the trainees have, as yet, been inside! Instead, the men's group and the youth group have each begun studying a 40Minute study. The young people have just finished working through “Having a Real Relationship with God”, and they enjoyed engaging with the Word of God so much that the leader has now decided to take them through “How To Make Choices You Won't Regret”.

Do you and your group have a story? If so, we would love to hear from you!

In Him,
Barbara Kipfer
National Coordinator

Pray for:

  • New leaders and students to emerge and for new classes to begin all over New Zealand
  • Key people to get in contact with us, to be trained and to lead others out of their apathy
  • More facilitators, with a biblical worldview, to lead studies with prisoners and ex-prisoners
  • 3 different youth groups studying 40 Minute studies and 1 church studying Precept Upon Precept, Philippians.
  • 21-23 June 2013 HEART conference: 2 workshops and a book-table at the home school mothers conference. May we have favour with the participants.


Thank the Lord for:

  • His continued provision: spiritually, financially, support, people
  • 6 current trainees in the 40Minute studies.


We are financially self-supporting.
Expenses (book handling, mail out, advertising, administration costs, purchase of books etc) are fully paid from our income (book sales and donations).

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