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May, 2018

Join a Precept Bible study in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ

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Apr, 2018

New groups starting in Orewa, Timaru or via Skype find out on facebook@PreceptMinistriesNZ or

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Feb, 2018

Join us at an event with Mia, Costel and Vasile

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Establishing People in God's Word

Precept News Letter

Sep, 2013

Is there any more refreshing news than hearing that people are studying God's Word and are being transformed by it?

If you are like me, you will love these excerpts from emails I got recently.

“For a long time I have been praying that the people in a village in Indonesia will see the need to read the Scriptures for themselves, and that they will have a desire to study the Scriptures. In April I picked up some study guides put out by Precept. Mama Eva took them to the village and gave them to her daughter Eva who is now leading a young people's group. Eva divided all the books among them. … Eight study groups went through the six-week study. After the first evening, they were amazed at what they were able to learn for themselves, and said that they never knew they could study the Bible like that. Now they have finished the first book and are starting their second round of study with a different book. And other groups are now asking, “When can we have the books? We want to study the Scriptures too.”

The person who had been praying wrote later: “I am only sorry that I do not have a photo to go with my newsletter.” - and so am I.

I am equally excited to read this email that I got in response to the second lot of studies I sent to a group in Auckland: “We thoroughly enjoyed the study from 1 and 2 Samuel and Chronicles* and found the more in depth approach really rewarding. We have a few younger mums in our group who found the extra work a little harder to fit in to their day and so we have decided to try one of your 40 minute studies for our next study,with the thought that we will return to the inductive studies at some later stage. All of us have benefited hugely, learnt lots and heard God speak very personally to each of us. Thank you. Blessings.”

* NISStudy

Keep on writing to us, sharing how these studies affect you - and attach a photo.

Tip of the month: “The Power of Knowing God” 40 Minute study, $12 each
You may know about God, but do you truly know what He says about Himself – and what He wants from you?
This eye-opening study will help you gain a true understanding of God's character and His ways. As you discover for yourself who He is, you'll be drawn into a deeper, more personal relationship with the God of the universe – a relationship that will enable you to confidently display His strength in life's most challenging circumstances.

May the Good News delight you today and forever!

In Him,

Barbara Kipfer

National Coordinator

Pray for:

  • more new leaders and students to emerge and for new classes to begin all over New Zealand
  • key people to get in contact with us, to be trained and to lead others out of their apathy
  • a volunteer for 3 hours at the end of each month to do some administration. Must be familiar with excell and have laptop.
  • more facilitators, with a biblical worldview, to lead studies with prisoners and ex-prisoners

Thank the Lord for:

  • 2 ladies finishing training, one man starting
  • over 100 students study at prison in 21 classes
  • His continued provision: spiritually, financially, support, people – we can serve you all because in His mercy He keeps providing! THANK YOU!

PS: We are financially self-supporting.
Expenses (book handling, mail out, advertising, administration costs, purchase of books etc) are fully paid from our income (book sales and donations).

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